With Talentedly, we make it easy to go from good to great.

Professional coaching for everyone. Talk about a competitive edge.

Talentedly Coaching is …


Coaching is not consulting. Talentedly Coaching is a learning-based process where clients create plans for professional improvement and development, and are held accountable to implement them.

Coaching is not counseling. Talentedly Coaching is focused is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals.

Coaching is not mentoring. Mentoring is offering guidance from one’s own experience or in a specific area of career development. Talentedly Coaching is intended to help people see their blind spots, the beliefs and behaviors that prevent them of creating and experiencing the best outcome for themselves, their team and the company at large.

Coaching is not hard skills training. This isn’t about Excel or Agile or how to set SMART goals. This definitely isn’t a compliance program. Talentedly Coaching focuses on helping develop a core set of skills (call them soft skills if you want) that today’s organizations need: cross-platform and generational communication, situational conflict engagement (yes, there is gold in discourse), change mindset, and intrinsic motivation and organizational engagement.

Talentedly Coaching is about empowering people and unleashing their workplace potential.



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The one-on-one weekly sessions were invaluable because they kept me focused and I was able to put to work what I learned on a real-time basis, making an immediate impact.
— Jennifer Miles, Director, State and Local Tax, News Corporation
Coaching has been invaluable ... As a new manager, it’s helped me with every aspect, especially communicating, organizing, and problem-solving.
— Joel Moors, Senior Broadcast Journalist, BBC Radio
Leaders are taking coaching skills not only back to the workplace, but they are bringing those skills to the executive table. They are taking it to their peers,
and they are taking it to their home lives.
— Agnes Ross, VP Human Resources, BC Housing
Coaching gives me clarity and helps me focus on high-impact tasks. I don’t waste my time, my team’s time, or the company’s time on things that aren’t going to advance our goals.
— Debbie Francis, Data Governance Project Manager, Lucid Technologies
Asking tough questions, pointing out opportunities and strategies for influence, and helping build my confidence as a leader – Talentedly was a great investment in myself and the people and programs I lead.
— B.S., Senior Director, Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Coaching has changed me. I have taken my own personal change and helped others see what is possible for them. With every problem there is an opportunity—that is what coaching is about.
— Amy Magyar, Operation Sales Manager, Burton Snowboards & Pioneering Woman Award Winner