The Rising Leader


The Science Behind Leadership

James M. Kouzes and Barry Posner surveyed tens of thousands of working people around the world and asked two key questions: “What do you look for and admire in a leader (defined as someone whose direction you would willingly follow)?” and “What do you look for and admire in a colleague (defined as someone you’d like to have on your team)?”

They found that the number one requirement of a leader—honesty—was also the top-ranking attribute of a good colleague. But the second-highest requirement of a leader, that he or she be forward-looking, applied only to the leader role. Just 27% of respondents selected it as something they want in a colleague, whereas 72% wanted it in a leader.

No other quality showed such a dramatic difference between leader and colleague.


Because leaders are made, not born.

The Rising Leader will help participants transform their managerial style to enhance their team’s performance, build effective and engaged teams, and manage the subtleties behind authentic power and influence.

WHAT Rising Leaders LEARN

  • Master three core areas of leadership: managing yourself, managing and developing others, and organizational leadership

  • Strategic skills: persuasion, self-awareness, motivation, and trust

  • How to use different managerial styles to lead through problems and achieve breakthroughs

  • How to transition from producer to rising leader and do it well

  • How to manage through change

  • How to leverage conflict as a catalyst for innovation


Rising Leaders should commit to working on the program 15 to 30 minutes a day, whether that's actively employing an exercise in realtime, capturing reactions and insights in their professional journal, or emailing their Coach for feedback. The key: consistency.