Embracing Conflict

We often think a peaceful office is best. No one wants their proposal they have spent months on to be shot down. But what if that same proposal, when implemented, leads to a billion dollar company loss because of a hole you (and the rest of your team) failed to see – or worse, they did see and didn’t feel they could tell you? The bottom line is this: embrace the challenge of being wrong, of finding the holes, of hearing what you don't want to hear.

Here’s the thing: conflict is at the core of creativity. In order to succeed, long-term, you have to lean how to leverage the power of conflict as a performance enhancer. Do you dare to have collaborators in your office that are invested in your team's success and have the know-how and gumption to create constructive conflict? Do you dare to be that collaborator for your team? Ask the important questions. Challenge the ideas that don’t align with the company’s mission. Be an active thinker and listener in your meetings. Normalizing conflict within the office is necessary for company growth. Regularly asking for targeted and specific feedback is necessary for company growth. Creating psychological safety that regularly allows constructive conflict is necessary for company growth. We are experts in harnessing the power of conflict. Click here https://buff.ly/2OeV8 to for a corporate consultation about how we get it done. Illustration: HBR