How To Inspire Great Work From Your Team

Sometimes simple isn’t necessarily easy. These three suggestions for helping to build trust and get the best from your team take time, effort, commitment and consistency.

  1. Know your team. Engage in conversation with them regularly that goes beyond the day-to-day affairs of business. If communication comes first, your team is more likely to open up to you about their pain points and be more receptive to your feedback so you can better serve them as their leader. Genuinely caring about the growth and development of each individual is key to success.

  2. Celebrate your wins. Employees are more likely to be passionate about the company's vision when they see what their individual role is. Each piece of the puzzle is crucial to the whole. A survey from Bayt found that of those who have a healthy passion for their work, 91.5% feel that what they do adds purpose to their lives. Let your employees know when they do a job well done, but don't stop there. Engage your whole team in the celebration so that each department can get excited about what's happening as a whole throughout the company.⠀

  3. Ongoing coaching. We believe in the power of lifelong learning and skills development because we've seen it work firsthand. When your team feels that you want them to grow and that they can grow with you, they are more apt to want to produce results. Professional learning and development coaching engages people in a way that promotes both individual and company growth. If you'd like a free consultation about how Talentedly can bring affordable, accessible, and actionable coaching into your organization, click here.